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Andrew Cotton in the Surftips podcast show

Andrew Cotton: How to overcome fear in surfing

Special guest Andrew Cotton tells us all about his journey to becoming a big wave surfer and how he managed to surf 40ft waves and using fear is his advantage.
Big wave surfers are pragmatic about it and he gives tips on how to prepare yourself and your surroundings for bigger waves.
This is a special English episode in the surftips podcast and we’d love to hear your thoughts on it.
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Andrew answering and discussing:

  • When was it that Andrew got into big wave surfing?
  • What were big moments?
  • How to enjoy your worst nightmare?
  • Skills set versus mindset. What’s more important?

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Show notes Andrew Cotton podcast

3:30 Enjoying yourself and traveling for big waves

5:10 I was ambitious. But I didn’t have a clear path.

8:10 What did you do for work?

9:26 When was it that you got into big wave surfing?

12:10 It takes time. You need a scheme.

15:00 There have been moments. You have to learn to enjoy your worst nightmare.

16:00 There was a big moment at Nazaré with Garrett McNamara.

19:10 There’s no different skills set. It’s a different mindset.

23:20 Push yourself, but there’s a fine line.

26:00 It’s amazing how we can do long breath holds. And triple that.

30:10 You can’t let the emotion dictate if you are in a scary situation. And that takes time. In a good environment with knowledgable people.

31:00 Search for the right people to surf with.

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